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February 2010

FISHING 2/7/10

            Off shore heated up even if the temperatures stayed cool. All week the forecast was  four foot and higher, over cast, cool, just not polite. Most days they lied, well lets say it was not like that all day but a some point it was going to be. Boats running south found plenty of fish, lots of dolphin, small but there in numbers with a few gaffers and bally hoo caught their attention. Sails were there in numbers, throw in a King fish or two and you get the picture, nice fishing.  Just north of the Loran tower in 130' on the color lines, the morning hours was the action hours and then the sea started to build buy early afternoon.  Run south and troll north, that was easy, except I ran out and trolled north coming in the Ft. Pierce inlet, it was still nice to be there.
            Cool surf and some days less than polite has kept the Blues up close, enough you could use chrome top water or spoons and take your limit(12" to the fork, 10 per day). Cut baits found more Mac's than Blues but there was plenty of both, no complaints from the anglers, not sure about the fish. Pompano showed after the sun warmed the edge and the Blues moved out, still no sand fleas but about the time you leave that rake at home I will catch all the blame. There was plenty just that they changed location and bite times every day, you need to be there, put in the time and you will get them. Few Flounder from the ft. Pierce Jetty on that surf side, up to six pounds.
              Trout and more Trout for the river anglers, the power plant area was a good starting point, east or west side using jerk baits or live shrimp caught plenty. The wind decided for the angler the fish were on both sides, with more Reds mixed in on the west. Fish the docks, each pole gets three casts and pay attention to the plastic poles that is where they like to hang out.  Excellent Trout and Reds from the North Bridge area south to the St. Lucie Inlet and yes there is plenty of Pompano.  Big Drum at the bridges, Sheephead, Blues and Pompano to keep all anglers busy.
         Please tell me it is going to warm up soon......................Henry




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