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April 2008


Henry -

Mike and I were reading your fishing report a few days ago and you had mentioned that there were "No Wahoo" caught lately.  After visiting your shop and talking to John (behind the counter)......We got this one NE of the St. Lucie inlet (due East of the Black Condo) in about 150 feet of water on 4/19/08. Thought if you had the room you could mention it in your column

Anglers - Frank Barbara - Owner of Hutchinson Island Fishing Team, Mike Antonucci, Captain of the Marylee.
Driver of the boat - MaryLee Antonucci
Thanks and Good Fishing
Frank A. Barbara

APRIL 18, 2008  

Lets go catch a  fish, in spite of the wind. We have had a great Dolphin, fish from fifteen pounds to fifty pounds from both our inlets. Boats reported plenty of live baits from thirty feet out. The action Dolphin bite started in sixty feet and went out from there. All nice fish, live baits, trolled baits and artificial all caught fish and rather quickly. Boats found color lines, rips, weed lines and there catch was there, no need to troll looking the fish were just holding. There must of been plenty because it was the same story, "pulled up on a weed line and there they were" of course I was at work, again. The small King Mackerel were under the bait schools, these are the fish you want for the table, not the big smokers.  Plenty of Sails and those pesky Cobia were taking all baits in the water, I was at work. no one even mentioned the Bonita unless I asked. Lets hope the wind settles and did not blow all the fish to another county. Bottom anglers had an excellent catch of Muttons and Grouper once their baits were below the Amber Jacks and Triggers and then they also had to deal  with those pesky Cobia. I was at work so those Pesky Cobia didn't bother me.

           The surf has been out of control, big waves and the wind have protected the Blue fish but that is going to change. The cool temps will keep them around a few more days and I sure would like to get over there and cast at a few of the bigger Blue fish of the season. Off shore anglers reported big schools of Blues in sixty feet maybe that wind will put a few on the beach. Only Pompano that was reported were at the Hobe Sound Beach eating Sand Fleas.
           Inside  anglers were spending  more time planning their trip, looking for places to get them out of the wind.  North Fork and South Fork of the St. Lucie River are great areas to fish and the best part was they caught fish. Snook, Jacks, a few Trout and Reds made the list. That little root beer colored D.O.A. TerrorEyz has been the favored bait through those areas. The Indian River has been tough with wind changing directions but still had some excellent Trout catches reported. The spoil islands north of North Bridge is a great area to hide in, plus it is an excellent area to fish. Look to the deeper water, the fish have been holding deep because of the cooler air temps. The bridges have the hot spots for Snook, any bridge any evening was busy. The more the water gets mixed up the more the love it. Flair Hawks top the list for baits. Anglers sorted  through multiple catches and still found it hard to get one in the slot, most reported over size fish. Do not forget the camera, give the fish plenty of support on its under side and hold your breath, when you need a breath so does the fish. Have great week..........................


FISHING 4/3/08


          Why is this wind still blowing, it is April. This is the time for the biggest  Blue Fish of the season. Walking the beach casting spoons, big top water or a piece of cut bait will find Blues in the fifteen pound class, now if I can just turn off this wind. Having talked about the Bonita and Tarpon last week I know it is summer and this wind will stop as quick as it started. The turbity will leave the water and the fishing on the surf edge will be fast and furious. The Tarpon will be there, big Jacks, plenty of Whiting, Snook and yes the big Blue Fish. Targeting the Blues a wire leader is mandatory, for the rest mono will be your best bet.

           Off-shore the live baits have made a strong show both north and south of the inlet. The King fish bite started in thirty feet, no rocket science there, that is where the bait is. First bait in gets weighted and dropped over the other side of the boat, the fish are under the bait school and there may be more than Kings.  Strong Dolphin bite at the hundred foot mark using any thing green and yellow. nice size Dolphin, fish in the fifteen pound class. Wehoos, that is a small Wahoo are there ,you need to put a bait down to them, have you ever had Wahoo steaks on the grill????? 

           The river bite has been strong, all the fish are gathered on the east side getting away from chopped up water. Surprise of the week was all the big Trout lots of fish over twenty four inches. Good catches of Reds, Jacks, Snook in three to four feet of water. North and South Forks of the St. Lucie had the same to report, if you found quite water, you found fish. Two Tarpon this week in the Little Mud Creek area, not the target with a Trout set up but fun to watch as they leave. Dark soft rubber baits top the list all week, shrimp, jerk bait and a swimming tail kept anglers busy. The Bridges, Flair Hawks and chopped up river is the makings for great Snook action and it has been, lot of big fish.

          Enough about the wind, lets go catch a fish............


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