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August 2015

FISHING 8/2/15

Is it going to rain or not, when is a better because is going to rain. But it is summer
and I live it. Walked around the building and I work up a sweat, yes it going to rain just a few
drops splash on me. Over cast is the only way to describe these days and that means more time
to fish. Fishing the river means more time, no bright sun to warm the water, plenty warm already.
But with out that sun the bite will run later, now is the time to work that top water, under docks,
across those sand bars and no bright sun to cook you while at play. Lots of Tarpon and lots of
baits you will see the schools, did I say how big these fish are? Easy to locate, you will see them
now are you ready because one fish could finish the day, Yes the Snook and Turbo Jacks will be
there so it looks like you have your hands full. Now if you are like me I would be on the north side
of Nettles island and playing with the Trout and Reds, or on the west side both areas have been hot.
Pay attention those Turbo Jacks will take your equipment home but I have plenty so be ready. Lots
of Snapper so bring some ice, you will need it. Oh where is the rain gear?
100’ of water straight out of the inlet, using live baits and catching fish, how sweet is that.
Dolphin not the biggest but still worth the ride, some Cobia on the shallow side of that area and yes the
Sails are still there. Bring extra bait Bonita are every where and plenty of them, save the smaller fish
they are great as Sushi, don’t tell any one they will love it. Put a little weight on your leader and the
KIngs will be happy, you might find a Wahoo in that zone. Seas have been flat so come on down, just
do not forget the rain gear, might and might not need it. Bottom fish continue , put a sardine
down and be ready, plenty of fish, did I mention the turbo Jacks. Try those Bonita and you will be surprised.
Fish early, plenty of Tarpon and Snook with a mix of Turbo Jacks. These fish will test you and
your equipment so be ready. Surf has plenty of area to fish because you will be using every inch, one fish
could take all day or it will feel that way. Plenty of whiting and Croaker to take home so bring the ice.


 fishing 8/23/15

           Snook is now open (Sept.1) so watch your limits,  one fish 28” to 32” has not changed. Low light has
been the time but moving water is the secret.  If the fish looks short or to big do the three of us a favor,
you me and the fish release them as quickly as possible. Now lets go catch a fish, let the current do the
work, cast up into the current and let your bait do the work.  Snook like to feed face into the current so now
you know where to start This is the time for Tarpon and they will be there but we all know they are protected
group so be ready for that quick release but I am more that sure they will let you know. Live baits will be
favored but there are several baits that will get their attention.
         Lets start in the river, early is the time for Trout and Red’s once that sun comes out these fish will
be looking for deep water.  Top water in the area of the Power Plant, east or west side and you will find
plenty but once that sun comes up you will need to fish deep or shaded water.  Plenty of Snapper in our
area and shrimp is their favored but what about the Triple tail on any thing floating. They like the bright sun
but you need to drift up to them, cast a shrimp and you will find them.  Deeper water at the bridges has been
the home of big Grouper so if this is your target do not bring a knife to the gun fight, live baits preferred. As
warm as the water is I am surprised at the number of flounder we have and the size is just as surprising, from the
bridge put a shrimp on a jig and work it slowly back you will be surprised.  Snook just wait for the sun to go
down, pick a bridge and fish the light lines,cast up in to the current and be ready to set the hook and yes their
will be plenty o Tarpon.  At the inlet cast to the rocks and hang on, plenty of big Jacks.
           Surf it is plenty of Tarpon, Snook and big Jacks on the Bait Schools.  Watch the birds, they will tell
you where the bait is then fish the edges of the school.   Flair Hawks, Bombers and Yozuri lures will find them
along with live baits will get the attention you are looking for. Early or the top of the tide two of the best times.
Plenty of Whiting and Croaker to take home, great table fare so bring the ice.
         Off shore it seems that 60’ is the zone for most species, plenty of baits can only mean plenty of fish.
Starting on the bottom, Snapper bite has been excellent with Muttons, Snappers and Grouper to keep all
busy, put a sardine on a hook and send them down.  About half way down you will be the KIng Mackerel zone,
sardines, a spoon will find them along with Amber Jacks do pay attention.  To the top there will be Dolphin, not
the big Dolphin but a few with a mix of Sails to keep busy.  Now if is Dolphin that is your target 200/400’ is the zone.
It has ben that way all week, on the rips, the weed lines just there.  Trolling can be difficult, lot of weeds but live
baits have been putting them in the boat and once they stack up chunks work just as well and yes there will be
a mix of Sails but if it is Dolphin you will be there.
Till next week how big do those Snook half to be????????????????             HENRY

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