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December 2008

FISHING 12/29/08

       Well finally the wind has slowed, not quite enough for me but it has allowed more anglers to get a bait wet. So we have been glued to the east bank of the river and that is where the Red fish are  located and those pesky Trout.  I wonder if the Trout know they only have till the first, then it will caught Trout not pesky Trout. Back to the Red Fish, a good  bite from Little Mud Creek both north and south in two feet of water. Yes, Sail Fish flats and the area north of North Bridge all on the east side, the flat water, no turbity.  As long as the water stays cool the bite time is up to you, these fish have been there all day. Soft rubber baits, shrimp on a jig and swim baits have all been productive, if those pesky Trout do not get there first. Waders, small boaters and bank fisherman catching the high tide have taken home a Red fish. The Pompano bite continues from the Sail Fish Flats north to Bear Point especially from the relief bridges at the east end of the causeways. Small jigs with apiece of shrimp  are the favored baits and yes sand fleas in the flats will catch a bunch. Black Drum, Blue fish and Spanish Macs are keeping most bridge anglers busy, Snook season is closed till the first day of February.
         As the week went on the surf turned down from a five ounce to a three ounce sinker.  The Blue fish bite was an all day bite,  spoons and cut bait put fish in the beach at all hours. Yes the Pompano were there but you had to long cast to find them. they were well out beyond the Blue fish.  A few Whiting and Croakers but the Blues ruled the surf all week. If it ever settles down the whiting and Croakers will be there, we just have to let that sand settle.
          Off shore it was 3 to 5 all week, anglers did go over the week end but it was sporty. Anglers picked at the Dolphin, found plenty of Sails and most of the action started in the hundred foot zone. The one zone that kept most busy was the bottom fishing, big Muttons and Reds top the list with a Grouper or two just to keep you on your toes. But it was the wind that kept most anglers time on the water short.
         Till next week I wish some one would turn off this wind weapon....................Henry


FISHING 12/21/2008

         No, I am not sure where what happened to the Flounder.   There is a good bite going to the north but ours have just disappeared, the bait is here the temps are perfect and no Flounder.  Maybe the water needs to be a little cooler or maybe a few anglers could target these fish. Look for drop offs in depths and fish  and work a bait across the bottom, shrimp on a jig head is preferred. Look around the bridge channels, points on the down side of the spoil islands are a good place to start and then call me and let me know how it goes. Trout season opens on the first so those pesky fish will eat your baits before the
Reds can get to them. Good bite going on the east side of the river,in the power plant area, these are slot reds. The bigger fish have been in the mouth,  Ft. Pierce inlet, out going tide. So now you know all the secrets and maybe Capt.. Mark Dravo will let some of those Flounder come south.
           Bridges have been busy fishing with a long catch list, Drum, Blues,Mac's, Sheephead, Pompano and I probably left some out. Favored bait shrimp, shrimp on a jig, shrimp on the bottom, pieces of shrimp it was shrimp. Just make sure that tide is moving and pay attention to what you are catching. Was it low, medium or high, that will help you target your favorite next time you are on the bridge.
         Bottom fishing for the off shore angler has been the ticket,  big Muttons and bigger red snapper all in  ninety foot of water, Sardines top the bait list. On the top it has been  Dolphin, one here and one there no pattern eating trolled bally hoo. Good mix of Sails, Kings have put on weight but there still plenty in the ten pound class to take home for the grill.  Spanish Mac's south of the St. Lucie inlet are thick, one cast one fish so please take only what you can eat to day and there will be plenty for your next outing.
        Till next week have a great Christmas....Henry




      Wind from the south east, wind from the east , the wind was from all direction changing daily.  Not sure the day you chose to go but you had to plan around the wind that was a guarantee.
        For the surf angler it was either a one ounce or four ounce day, wind from the west it was one ounce any another direction it was four. But it was Blue fish and more Blues from the beach, cut  bait or spoons they have been a hungry group all week. The Whiting, Croakers and Mac's were there if you could get your bait past the Blue fish. For the long cast it was Pompano and it was a good bite you just had to get out there, sand fleas and clam strips were the baits of choice. Good bite at the beach, the fish do not mind the wind but it can be tough on the angler.
           The causeways were the place to beat the wind. There is always flat water to fish no matter the wind.  Lots of Black Drum, Blues, Mac's, Jacks and Pompano.  The Pompano this week were there on the incoming tide, the bridges at the east end of the causeways were most productive. Docs Goofy jig  for the bridge, strong wind just use a bigger jig, let the jig down, when you touch bottom pick it up and let it down, they find fish. Sheep Head and Drum the favored has been shrimp and clam strips if the Blue fish will leave your bait alone. Snook will take most baits now that the season is closed (12/15 thru 2/1), how do they know?
         The boat anglers have had plenty to do tight on the east bank, excellent  pompano from Sail Fish flats north to Indian River Plantation using Nylures and sand fleas again catch that incoming tide and it makes no difference what time. Launching your boat at Little Mud Creek, start fishing at the mouth and go north, good Red Fish bite using shrimp, gold spoons and soft rubber swim baits. Reds like the cooler water and again if you can catch the high tide they will rooting around in the tree lined shore. The Pompano are south in the Herman's Bay area, drift slowly across the flats and you will  them skip them, now you know where they are the rest is up to you.  Plenty of Blues, Macs, Jacks and Lady fish to keep you busy and those pesky Trout are every where.
         Off shore the action started on the second color line, small Kings (perfect for the grill), Dolphin in the 15 pound class and plenty of Sail Fish if you were not in the tournament. The wind has made thing pretty sporty out there, check all your weather sources, then you make the call.
         In this wind let safety make the call, this is south Florida and tomorrow thing will quiet.......
till next week.....Snook and Trout are closed,,Henry


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