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February 2009

Fishing 2/1/09

          Snook season is open and it is cold and raining. The rain is not a problem the fish are already wet but the cold that is a problem  for both the angler and the fish. The Snook do not like changing temperatures  and they will go deep in the water column looking for water that maintains their comfort zone. Angler look for the deeper water and present your bait  as slow as you can, when these fish get cold they slow down and feed the same. Slow presentation is the key. Look at the deeper areas, channels, bridges, holes to list a few, pin fish, shrimp on a jig head, flair hawks, sinking plugs will be your most productive. The bag limit is one, slot is 28" to 32" a hard slot so do not forget some sort of measuring devise. Trout wait for the water to warm, let the sun work for you, late morning will be the most productive. Plenty of Blue fish and Mac's, they like the cooler water and then the Pompano. Good bite of Pompano both in the St. Lucie and Indian Rivers, jig with a piece shrimp will find  them.
           Surf anglers report Blue fish till your arms get tired. Blues, Mac's and Jacks like the cooler water and yes so do the Pompano. Problem is do I get into the action of the one cast, one fish or do I target that Pompano? Blue fish will eat any thing that moves, Pompano it has been clam strips and sand fleas with a long cast but the Blue's are every where and yes they like clam strips. Target species is up to the angler but if you are fishing the surf be ready for the Blue fish.
         Off-shore it has been changing conditions, the fish that I have talked with anglers about have been from the 100 to 140 line in 100' zone.  Dolphin and Sails top the catch list.  Trolled baits have been preferred and it has been a mid morning bite.
          I know we all complain about the weather, cold, rain and wind but how lucky we are, we else can you use your boat every month of the year.
          Till next week, release that big one for me.....Henry


FISHING 2/8/09

           Lets go catch a fish,  the weather has moderated, the wind slowed and the best part is the fish are hungry. 
            Blue fish in the surf, rivers, inlet, you might say they are every where. On the surf it was spoons and mullet, from the bridge it was spoons and mullet, one might say spoons and mullet  for Blues and it does not matter the locations.  If it has flash or scent they are on it. In the inlet, one cast one fish, on the surf one cast one fish and from the bridges it was minutes between bites, yes the Blues like the cooler water. Also the surf saw other species and I am not sure why some were there, big Sheephead, big Croakers even a few Flounder made the show as the water warmed and the Blue fish moved out.  Clams were the favored bait this week for the Pompano, short runs with no pattern.
           Off shore it was Sail fish and plenty of them, trolling baits and live baiting the Sails were there. We had reports from 80' out to 200' both north  and south of our inlet that was the zone. Not big Dolphin but every one came in with two or more, they were ten pound class fish with a mix of King fish. Live bait from several locations both north and south of our inlets.  As the water warms keep a look out for the Cobia, they will be hanging out on the bait schools.
           Red fish made an excellent show, they like the cooler water, Bear Point and Round island areas were the locations using live or artificial.  Trout were spread out, some here and there not allot but every angler had some thing to say. Pompano are  every where, from the North Fork to the Cross Roads up into the Indian Rivers.  Jigging spoons, small jigs or a shrimp on a jig head moved slowly across the bottom put plenty in the boat.  Snook, stay in the deeper water and present your baits across the bottom slowly, be ready to set the hook.  These fish are still slow from the cold, they will pick up the bait not attack, pay attention.
         Till next week, where is the camera????????????.................................Henry


FISHING 2/15/09

        What a great week end, no wind, beautiful flat water and fish, I love this place.
         Incoming tidal movement  at the causeway relief bridges, you may have needed a reservation. Pompano from both causeways using those little jigging spoons, limits of Pompano. Yes,  the limits are the same no matter where you catch them, 11" to 20" is the slot, 6 per day and you may have one over 20". Bridge anglers had three days of action, not to say the Pompano have not been there the rest of the week because hey have. It is all about the incoming tide, if you can catch this you can catch pompano. Three more busy locations, Sail fish flats, Hells Gate, and the North Fork again incoming tide.  Trout were from Bear Point south using a root beer jerk bait, two to three feet was the depth and the bite was best from 9:AM, let the sun warm the water a few degrees. Several big Trout were released off that flat from Indian river side park south past the Dolphin Grill and south to the area south the Stuart causeway, big Trout on the west shore, good numbers on the east side of the river. Red fish were north of county line road to mid way road on the west side of the river in the shallow water, slot size fish through mid morning. So what happened to the Snook, have a few night time anglers with these as a target species but what about day time?  Fish the shaded water, look under the docks, look for ambush points, big baits, big fish. Plenty of Sand Perch, Snapper and Drum to keep most anglers busy.
          >From the surf is has been plenty of Blue fish through out the day, spoons for the early anglers but cut baits have been on the menu all day.  When the Blues slowed in came the Whiting and Pompano and then the Blues were back, it really was a excellent week end for surf anglers.
          Off shore one day the baits were every where and the next day a hard find.  If you have a favored location these fish are there just deep, let your rigs go deep.  Dolphin were scattered from eighty feet out, not big fish but of size to put in the boat. Most Sails were  seen jumping and not in your baits but the Kings were there and Bonita, not sure where the Bonita  came from but they were there. Run a bait or two below the surface, that is where the other ninety percent of the fish feed and pay attention.
        How close are you to that "DIVE FLAG"?????......................................HENRY




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