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July 2008


                  Tarpon and more Tarpon from the North Fork to the Indian River and finally casting from the beach.  Plenty on the beach and the best part is they are hungry. Depending on your location the bite was on all day with the big fish on the surfs edge.  Seven foot to eight foot  rod with a sixty series reel is what you will need to play with these fish. Spoons top the bait list, do not take a knife to a gun fish. Whiting and Croaker kept most busy and I am not sure where the Blue fish came from.
           Good Trout bite form the North and South fork all the way north in the Indian river, amazing what clean water can do.  Bigger fish early on top water then switch to soft rubber baits that will work in deeper water as the sun gets higher in the sky. If you are getting a late start just go to the deeper water or shaded water off your favored flat, most of the fish are in the slot.  Few Red fish at Mid Way road and in the Inlets, not enough to target but be ready, these fish have taken more than one rod form anglers.  Plenty of Jacks, Lady Fish, Triple Tails and Blue Fish to keep most anglers busy. Blue fish ?
            Off shore Bonita fest continues, they are every where, north, south and deep. But so were the Cobia and Kings with a mix of Sails. Tuna were also on the list, now I am not sure and if you are not sure, get a fish Id book and make sure that you know the difference.
        Till next week, where is the sun block,,,,Henry




FISHING 7/20/08

          Dolphin made the catch list over the week end not every where but on the list. >From 150' to 500', fish up to twenty pounds.  Pockets of fish, on weed patches, rips and flotsam. Anglers reported finding the reason to hold fish and they were there. Sail fish bite continues with the action starting close form 60' to 100' and that was the zone for most. Kings in the thirty pound class, Wahoo in the fifteen to twenty pound class and then the Cobia. The Cobia anglers reported just came to the boat as they were keeping their baits behind their boats, it was the pitch rod that caught these fish. Live baits were in and out but most anglers found their baits north of the inlet from 20' to 40'.
           Surf anglers reported Tarpon were in and out, most of the time out of reach. Small boats had no problem finding the fish but they just would not eat, not even my go to crabs found a hungry fish.  The Snook and big Jacks were in  for the early anglers, chrome top water found plenty of fish. The Whiting and Croakers were there even a few Pompano made the catch list,  These fish are up close, a pitch not a cast will put you in the fish.
          The rivers, big bright sun, low tides, clean water and you can see the fish and that means they can see you, low light is your time. Be on location before sun up casting  top water plugs, the Rapala skitter walk, Zara spook, 7m18 Mirrolure will find fish but after sun up you can put them back in the box. Look to deeper water or shaded water using live baits or soft rubber baits. Finally Red Fish made the list, from Midway road to Walton road, Little Mud Creek and the flat south of the Stuart Causeway on the west side were the locations. Trout bite was slow but the Lady fish were there in big numbers along with the Jacks, I think they are just faster than the Trout. From the bridges it was Spanish Mac's, Black Drum and again Lady Fish keeping most anglers busy, remember shaded water. Till next week do not forget the camera and the sun screen......................................Henry

         Lower than low tides, high tide is still low and you want to find a Trout. One can start early in the Indian river fishing just out of the channels or you could go to the deeper St. Lucie River. We have had excellent Trout catches reported from the Club Med area to south of the Palm City bridge. From the hospital dock to the pocket. These areas have deep water and the fish can move as the bright sun rises. Live  shrimp top the bait list but you could start as you would in the Indian river, top water early then over to a bait that works below surface. The salinity is back, the grass is making a strong recovery and the Trout know it. Most will be in the slot so if it take home on your mind try out the St. Lucie river.  From both rivers the Tarpon and Snook bite for the early anglers is on, any bridge will find the Snook, their season is closed so take the barbs off the hooks for a quick,  easy release and the Tarpon will test your equipment. Small baits seem to be the thing for the silver kings, weather it is in the Indian River of the St.Lucie River. The Triple Tail are back on the markers of the Indian River, a live shrimp will get their attention.
          Off shore the bait has been in one day and gone the next, all they did was change locations. One day on the Sand Pile the next the Bull Shark but every day they have been very close at the House of Refuge and the Holiday Inn. Dolphin still scattered and small at best, Tuna at Push button in one day and gone the next but the Sail fish are every where from shallow to deep and doubles even triples have anglers busy. The Cobia are on the bait schools and with them are the King fish. Both species are not the biggest but they are perfect to take home, live bait is the key.
          The surf is the location for big Snook, Jacks and a permit or two. The Tarpon have been in and out of casting range but there. Prime time is sun rise, the bait list is long and so will  your catch, bring your camera. Plenty of Whiting, Croakers and a few Pompano so bring the bucket and ice. the thing that I like about the above three is they are there all day and I can sleep in, till next week come on down and catch a fish................Henry




          Well this week we had some cold water come into our area, for most part it is not good but it brings some nice surprises.  The surprise was limit catches of Blue fish on the surf edge. Anglers came looking for Snook and found three to five pound Blue fish taking their baits.  Others found plenty of Pompano with a longer cast, trying to get away from the Blues, water temps, that is the key. The bait fish came in close looking for the warm water and with them came the Cobia, Kings and Tarpon, all in casting range.
         For the of-shore anglers buy Saturday the cold water had move out and the bottom bite was on. Those fish that stayed were hungry and looking to eat, Mutton Snapper and big Mangroves were chewing along with some excellent Grouper. The bite started  in sixty feet and went out from there. The Sail Fish continued in good numbers with the Dolphin being a hard find, epically one of any size. Kings form twenty feet, Cobia from fifteen feet and Tarpon on the move, not rolling but on the move. The bait fish have become a hard find, some in very close with other small pods spread from fifteen feet to sixty feet of water. If you found bait or fish this past week make a few notes, the next time the water is cold you will know where to go. Water is warm again this week start in twenty feet looking for the Cobia, sixty to eighty feet if there is a Dolphin to be had and the Tuna are on the north side of Push Button hill.  Bonita, everywhere.
          Surf casters the Snook will be at your toes in the early hour, it is a lot easier for them to catch breakfast in three feet than in thirty feet. I would cast a soft rubber bait with a swimming tail. For the Tarpon it is Crabs and you never know if a
Cobia might be in the same area. Plenty of Whiting and Croaker to take home, all good size, a piece of shrimp is all that is needed.
          In the river it has been Tarpon, to name a few locations, North fork, wide St. Lucie, Cross Roads, Inlets and north in the Indian river, early bite but with so many locations you could be in them in minutes. Snook are every where , they know the season is closed and Trout from Bear Point south to the Inlet. Early start with top water plugs very shallow and as the sun comes up look to the deeper water. Now if the sun will just stay out may be the Triple Tail  will be back on the channel markers.
           Till next week, where is the camera?????



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