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July 2009


FISHING 7/26/09

         Yes, it is summer and if you are going to catch you will need to start early.  Sun up is the coolest part  of the day for air and water temps and that is when the fish will be most active.  Inside or out start early, most number of species, most on the catch list.
          The Indian River has all the Trout from slot size (15"/20", the bag is five, one over 20") to gator they are here in good numbers. Fish that shallowest water with top water lure for the gator size and as the sun comes up switch over to soft rubber baits. Big Trout from Bair Point south to the Sail Fish flats. east side or west find a grass edge and work it. There is a mix of Red fish, smaller Snook, nice Jacks, Lady Fish and yes the Tarpon will start your hart. Most of the Tarpon have been reported at the Power Plant but then there is a school at the Nettles Island channel, south of Indian Riverside Park south to the channel into the Dolphin Grill. Plenty of Tarpon south of the Stuart causeway down to the Cross Roads and into the Manatee Pocket. The one thing that all these fish have in common is that bight time is dawn and I have never caught a fish with a watch on??? Now I am not going to say that you can not catch fish after sun up but I do know that the Numbers and the species may not be there, plan for an early trip.
          Surf anglers have had a great week with plenty to keep them busy. Big Jacks, big Snook, Whiting, Croakers, Blues, Pompano, Spanish Mac's and the list goes on. Bring that seven foot rod fill that reel with fifteen pound test and come on down the fish are at your toes.  Cast a lure that has a lot of flash. put a live bait on a hook, no do not cast just pitch your bait because if you cast you will be on the other side of the fish. These fish change buy the hour but all nice catches and nice sizes also. Snook opens September one and not before, take the barbs off the hooks for an easy release. Lots of bait on the beach, why would the fish be any where else it is like a buffet for the fish.
             Off shore, twenty feet of depth, Kings, Cobia and more of the above. Looking for live baits, when you go out the inlet just go north to the House of Refuge and you can keep going to the old Holiday Inn, lots of bait, lots of fish. The one catch that stands out has been the Snapper bite, big Mangroves and Muttons from twenty feet out on about any rock ledge. Dolphin still one here and one there but the Sails are every where along with the KIngs and Cobia. This run of Cobia has been smaller but still keepers, 33" is the min. to the fork in the tail. Fish up close that is where all the bait is. Play with the Bonita, when was the last time you had a triple going? Alright you have to have a Dolphin, lets get out to 300' and start looking , if you are going to put one in the boat that's where they are hiding.
         Till next week, do you have all your safety gear on the boat?????????                    Henry



FISHING 7/19/09

          Love that west wind, the bait on the surf edge, Sails in 40', Cobia and all the river targets love it also, glad I am not looking for a Dolphin. A little bit of east wind moved some in then that west was back and the Dolphin moved out with the breeze. Dolphin have been a scattered catch even for the anglers fishing deep and the fish that I have heard about have been small. Sails from 140' to 40', pesky Sails eating every thing that seems to swim past them, Cobia from 20' on live baits and Bonita fest 09# is in full swing. Plenty of King fish not all big but excellent for the grill also start in that 20' range.   Captain Joe from Out Law charters was catching Muttons in the inlet and that was just a start. Bottom fishing anglers found plenty of Mutton and Mangrove snappers form the Loran Tower to the Black Condo, if there was any sort of ledge they were there in good numbers, favored bait Sardines. Did I tell you how much the Bonita love sardines? Now if we can get this wind to change, and all we need is a gentle breeze from the east maybe the Dolphin will move in.
          The west wind keeps the surf quiet, and the bait fish love it. There is so much bait you can use sabiki rigs to catch them, with that much  bait why would the fish not be there. Start early, plenty of big Snook (season is closed), big Jacks (these fish will test your ability) and Tarpon a long with plenty of whiting, Croaker and Spanish Mac's on the glass minnows. The surf has been the place for constant action big, small, live bait, artificial and plenty more. Fish up close, most fish are in the trough, and it seams they are there all day. I say early because it is easier on the angler or late but the fish are there all day. If the middle of the day works for you do not start without the sun screen and glasses, it is that Florida sun that I love.
              River anglers you need to be fishing before sun up because your time is limited, mid morning the fish turn off and find a shaded spot to finish their day. Big Trout in the flats with a mix of Reds and some slot Snook using top water, jerk baits and live baits of witch there is plenty. Tarpon in the North Fork, Hells Gate, Cross Roads, on north to the Power Plant, lots of fish and their menu changes from location to location. Look around what is there plenty of in that area and match the profile, but all this happens early, be there for sun up. Bridges, Sand Perch and Snappers a mixed bag on shrimp and plenty of both, looking to take home some fish, stop at the bridges and fish the shaded water, do not forget the ice.
            Shore line anglers licenses are now available, please don't wait till the last minute....Henry



          Wind from the south and south east this week has changed a few things and with it came the Dolphin.  Not big Dolphin but gaffers, 10 to 15lbs fish and the bite started in forty feet of water. The bite was scattered out to 300', not every one found these fish but of four boats, three did. Live baits and trolled both caught fish it was a excellent week end.  Cobia thinned, Sails became pests and the Bonita ruled with a few Black Fin to keep anglers busy. Some cold water upwelling moved the bite if you were bottom fishing or looking for baits but it was in small pockets and that may be the reason the Cobia thinned. King Mac's put on some weight, good catches reported from 30' out on live baits and dead sardines. Do you know the limit on King fish?
           That cold water may be the reason the Tarpon numbers turned down, they were still on the edge but a lot less, no the Snook were still thick. Snook continue to be excellent, they are right in the trough, ten feet from your feet. Early morning being the best bite on both live and artificial, cast north or south you want your bait up close not in the gulf stream. The season opens September first, so take the barbs off your hooks. Whiting, Croakers, few Pompano, Blues and Mac's, told you surf fishing was hot.
             If you like to catch big Trout and you are not fishing early you have missed some quality fish. Fishing shallow water before sun up and using top water plugs, a few 9lbs, 8lbs, 7lbs, lots of 5lbs some quality fish. Not for the table but will put a new twist on Trout catching. After sun up it is all about slot fish, sure wish I knew where the big females went. Haven't heard much on Reds this week and part of that I believe are the Trout catches, they are mixed in the same areas but that is why it is called fishing and not catching. Plenty of small Snook, lots of Jacks, plenty of Lady fish even a few Pompano made the catch list, all from the Flats. Bridges saw plenty of Snappers. Sheephead, Sand Perch and the biggest Look Downs all eating shrimp. Triple Tails on the channel markers, Pompano from the bridge at the east end of the Jensen Causeway, catch the incoming tide, nice size to these Pomp's.
              Till next week, the bigger fish are usually the females, that is breeders, get your picture and release her for the next time..............HENRY




          Lets go catch a fish, yes, early is the key.  In side or out the best bite will be early. Walking the surf edge it is , Snook, Tarpon, Mac's, Blue's, Jacks even a few Pompano, six reasons to get there early. Lots of bait on the edge, breakfast time. Up close it is the Snook, Tarpon and Jacks to test your ability. A little further out in the glassminnows is the location for the Mac's and Blue fish, just a cast east will put you in their zone. These fish have been in all day, you can see them swim past and there have been a few taken but the best bite has been the early hour.
            Playing in the river it is all about that early bite till mid-morning, top water till dawn then over to live or soft plastic. Good Trout, some nice Reds and plenty of short Snook. Most grass flats are holding fish till that big bright sun heats up the water. Now you must go deep or shaded, still nice fish but you will work for them.  From the bridges it has been snapper, Drum, Sheephead, Lady Fish and Jacks. Deeper water and plenty of shade make these excellent environment for this group. Watch your tide chart, catch incoming water and take home a few Pompano, jigging spoons is their favorite .
            Off shore bait schools are up close and the week of west wind has kept the ocean flat. Small boats fishing the Tarpon, Permit, Snook and Cobia have had an excellent week, again fishing early.  Anglers going deep have been hot and cold. A Wahoo form 200', some nice Kings from 80', small  Black Fins from the Bonita schools that are every where form shallow to deep but to be honest it has been tough fishing for this angler. Bait is not a problem but that west wind has pushed every thing deep, plenty of Sails roaming the area but the catching has been up close in the 20 to 30' of water. Wind to day has been south east lets hope it stays for a few days and maybe the Dolphin will show.
         West wind, ninety degrees,I love this place...........did I mention the sun block ....Henry





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