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July 2015


Fishing 7/19/15

          Yes it is hot and in the afternoon we will have a shower or two but
it is summer and I love it.  You have to fish early or deep if you are going
to find them.
         Going to the surfs edge watch the sun come up or catch the high tide.
Lots of bait schools and lots of fish with them, fish the edges of the bait, one
bait on the out side of the school is easy pickings. Tarpon and Snook will be
your target but big Jacks will travel with the school so be ready.  Make sure
your spools are full because you will need every inch once in the your target.
Look at the edge, you  are looking for activity, when you see it is is time to get
the equipment and put it to work.  Check your hooks, are they sharp? Now if you
are like me and tend to sleep a little later watch that tide chart and catch it an
hour before high tide till an hour after, watch for the activity. Now if it is Whiting
and Croaker come on down, most of the day they are in the trough, do not
forget the ice.
          Going out the inlet, where is the rain gear, at some point you will need it.
Fifty feet of water is the zone, it has been like that for the last two weeks.  The catch
list has been long, great bait schools why would the fish be any where else.  We have
had a few days with pockets of cold water so do not be afraid to move and just a
short distance will make the  difference.  Cobia, KIngs, a Wahoo or two and then the
Bonita has kept many anglers busy, Dolphin has been scattered from the 150’ out. Live
baits top the list this week, lots of grass in that 150’ area making it tough to troll. But
1’ five seconds apart sure can make for a nice day.  Plenty of Black Fins at the Hill but
plenty of Bonitas in the mix, do not tell any one and they will not notice and I love this
1’ five seconds apart.
           Fishing the river if you are looking for numbers fish before sun up, just fishing
look to deeper water or shaded water.   Good  Trout bite in numbers on top water but
as the sun brightens the fish will disappear.  Still Tarpon rolling in the inlet, Snook to the
rocks on the south side but these fish are out of season so take the barbs off the hooks or
go back into the river and fish the shaded water for best results.  It is summer and I love it.
Have a great week..............henry


fishing 7/12/15

         Yes it is summer, water temps are warm, bright sun and the shrimp are small.
This is the time when big shrimp make little shrimp so what shrimp are there are
small, it is a season thing.  Here at the Snook Nook we are sending back more than
we are taking, they are just to small but there are other baits to work with.  Small Pins
are the baits of choice, they are the bait of choice for commercial Trout anglers.  So
for all of us shrimp anglers the next full moon should turn it around for us.
        River anglers good bite reported but you have to be there as the sun is coming up.
Fishing north of Little Mud, north side of Nettles or many locations south to the inlet fish
before sun up and you will find fish.   East side or west good bite on top water or soft
rubber, Trout, Red’s, Jacks and plenty of Lady fish or watch for the Snook and Tarpon you
will get them but early is the key.  Tarpon and Snook to the Inlet, Tarpon you will see them
roll, the Snook cast to the rocks and let your bait fall to the bottom, take the barbs off the
hooks for a quick release.  North Fork good bite also but again fish early.  After sun up look
to deeper water and slow  your retrieve, fish the shaded water.
       Surf has been hot and cold, plenty of bait and Lady Fish.  Conditions  are perfect but the
fish, who knows.  Plenty  of bait reported with a very short bite time.  Snook and Tarpon, fish
early or catch the high tide, watch for the activity  then fish the edge of the bait school, you will
see the fish. The rest being well fed you just have to be there, except for the Lady Fish
they will make you crazy.  Surf temps are warm so fish early or just come on down and
enjoy lake Atlantic.
        Off shore it seems every thing is happening from 50’, the action zone.  Plenty of baits in
the area so why would the fish be else where.  Catching live bait, why not put one a hook and
see what happens, Kings, Cobia and a good Snapper bite are all right there.   Not the place to
dive, with all going on there are plenty of Sharks in the area  so always look before reaching to
grab the leaded.  Dolphin of any size start in the 150’ location, 15/25lbs fish with plenty in the
smaller and few in the bigger range.  Trolling and live baits have kept anglers busy but that 50’
zone and live baits has been the answer to bending a rod.
        And yes it is summer, fish early, pay attention to the bait schools and I promise I will
get shrimp as soon as possible.........................................HENRY

  fishing 7/5/15
           Eighty degrees when we opened this morning and lake Atlantic is calling.
It is about time, the beach is the spot to try your ability, get out the Fly rod  and
come on down.  Fishing the coolest water of the day watch for the bait schools and
now you will know where the fish are and it will be up to you to put one on the hook.
After that it will be to your ability but the best part is the bite, when that fish comes
out of the water it is time to run, watching that  line leave your reel will start your heart.
One in ten to hook up then one in ten to land the fish and yes I would like to watch.
Summer is the time for surf casting in the mix will be Snook and Jacks, I am tired just
thinking about them.  After the sun has been up that surf edge will get warm and fish will
go deeper for a cooler temperature or watch for a high tide that may bring them to you.
Whiting and Croaker are there but as I said earlier watch the time and the Jacks do not
mind the warm water so pay attention that ten pound Jack will take  the equipment  home,
pay attention.
        Off shore it is 50’ that is the action zone.  Of the many anglers we talked with they
all said it started at 50’.  Plenty of bait in 50’,  good bottom fishing plenty of Snapper, good
Grouper bite and then the King's  and Cobia all the while you were looking for bait.  Put the
bait on a hook if that is where the bait is why would the fish be else where.  Yes there are
plenty of Sharks with the Cobia so that means you will fish faster but no matter there is
plenty.  Dolphin are small so look a little deeper, 125’ we have had several reports of nice
fish 15/25 pound is average, but still plenty of small, be selective.  Well I not sure why we
have so many Sails but we do, get your picture and get the fish back to the water, hold your
breath and then you will know when it is time to release.  Fish early then as the wind picks up
you will know when it is time to come in,  live baits, trolled baits every thing is working so come
on down.
        For the numbers you have to be watching the sun come up, water temps is the question.
Plenty of fish just not plenty of time for the fish to be there.  Yes we can find fish just not in
the numbers, one just have to spend more time looking.  Deeper waters, moving waters and
shaded waters will locate them but you have to slow down.  Plenty of snapper (shaded water) and
the rest Flounder (on the bottom), Snook and Tarpon (in deeper, faster moving water) are still with
us but you will have to locate them.  It is summer the water is warm and I am just glad to be there.

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