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June 2013

May will appear with first report.

6/23/13 Fishing

Sun shine, heat and a little breeze just make one want to sit and do what ever tomorrow, I love south Florida.

It seems the fish live like I do, time , date nothing seems to matter or so it seems. Depends on who you talk to weather the fish are biting or what area, how deep, yes it is summer.

Off shore the Cobia keep chewing and depending on whom you talk to one might find out where they are. We had reports from 25’ out and yet there was no pattern. Some on live baits others on jigs again no reason for them to be there but they were. Anglers looking for live baits didn’t find the bait but the Cobia were there, anglers bottom fishing in 60’ had them at the boat, some would eat and others would just look but you had have that extra rod ready if you were in the game. Lots of short Cobia but in the mix were some excellent Cobia, as one angler said "oh well it is summer", what ever that means. Sounds like they have plenty to eat, if this is your target bring every thing from jigs to crabs it sounds like you will need them. Dolphin were an easy find if you knew where to look, 125’ a little north of the inlet, eating small ballyhoo, a whisper of a weed line was the spot. Few Kings made the catch list, not big but perfect for the grill, ten to twelve pound fish and bottom fishing continues, Lanes, Muttons, Grouper and yes Cobia.

Surf anglers had a lot to say about weeds but not all anglers, just depends on where you were fishing. If you go to an access go look before you take you equipment to the edge, if there is weeds go to the next because not every angler had this problem. Plenty of Whiting and Croaker with big Jacks on the edge, few Snook and Tarpon made the list again depends on you location. Tarpon and Snook were south of Stuart Beech, best bite was early but had reports of fish all day, some on live and just as many on artificial. If you are fishing the surf please a hat, unglasses and sun screen are mandatory, "oh well it is summer".

River is warm, you have to fish early or late, low light is the key. If you are in the water after the sun comes up you need to be in deep water or at least shaded water. When the sun goes down will be the next time they will travel to the shallows, so plan you times and you will find fish, it is summer. The shallow water from the north end of Herman's Bay north to Bear Point is the location, that is the east side of the Indian River. Trout, Reds plenty of Jacks with a mix of Blue ish will keep you busy. After sun up go to the channels, the bridges, the Piers because that is where they will be, it is summer. St. Lucie river is out of the question, South Florida Water Management has made the decision to allow back pumping into the lake and we are to be the blunt end of their drain system. Their excuse is jobs so what they are saying Ag is more important than "YOU"......and we can thank our elected officials. Keep in mind S.F.W.M is appointed not voted on and AG gives more to their reelection funds than we do........ummmmmmmmm.......angry would be a good term.

Not what is best for our community but what is best for them, I will remember this election time.............Henry

FISHING 6/16/13


           The March winds have moved on, the rain has stopped, it almost seems like summer is finally here. It sure took a while.  Fishing is heating up across the board, beaches, inlets, offshore and in the river.  From the ever elusive tarpon making a showing already, to the gator trout lurking amongst the docks.  Of course with Snook being out of season for the next three months, you can bet there has been plenty of them too.  It is hard to fit all the great fishing going on in one report, I will do my best.

             Offshore was a little shaky to start the week, cold water moved in and the bait disappeared, seemed like all we heard about was a few Bonita.  The last few days however have been a different story.  We have seen Cobia, Wahoo, Dolphin, Mutton snapper, and Kingfish.  Mind you that’s just what was brought into the store over the weekend by multiple anglers.  Wahoo to 65lbs, Cobia to 35lbs and some beautiful muttons to 7lbs..  Most of the action was in 80 – 120’ of water.  The bait has made a showing again, with the majority of it north of the house of refuge, and a few showing at the Bull Shark as well.  Rule of thumb, don’t ever leave fish to find fish.  Make sure at some point in the process you get a couple baits in the water, all that food there, you can bet something is underneath it. 

            The beaches have settled down after all the wind, rain and “re nourishment.” Whiting and croaker at the top of the list, small pieces of frozen shrimp and fish bites pitched into the trough will get dinner.  Catch one too small for the table?  Put him back on a hook, the catch and release Snook fishing has been spectacular.  Big Jacks cruising the beach in the early morning, big chugger top water baits make for an explosive bite, and a long ride if a tarpon beats them to it. 

            The river has been loaded with big trout, big jacks, redfish, flounder, Sheepshead and Drum.  Summertime fishing is early in the river, out before sun up and back in time for breakfast.  The flats on the east side of the river north of little mud creek have been great.  Top water action early, then switch to a live shrimp, suspending baits, or soft plastics as the sun gets up.  Flounder have been caught along the power lines and around the docks on the west side, shrimp on a jig head or gulp baits.  Docks along the St. Lucie river are producing great Snook fishing, with live baits being the favorite. Remember, handle with care as Snook are out of season till September 1st. 


Tight Lines everyone!


Fred Caimotto

Snook Nook Tackle and Bait

Fishing 6/2/13

Wow, Sunday no wind or rain and the wind was quiet. A real change from the week of strong winds, heavy rain and less than polite sea. Six days of south east wind gusting to 30 mph, enough of this March wind lets get with on summer.

Snook season is closed so know all the slot fish will be out and hungry. Black Sea Bass is open, 5 is the bag and a lot of happy anglers that were unhappy can now ask, where they all go. Tired of blaming the weather man, I guess it is just Mother Nature.

Finally the surf has laid down, turbity has cleared and the Whiting and Croakers were quick to come back. At your toes, up close, just a pitch and you will be in their zone. Excellent table fare, so good the Snook are right there competing for the catch. Their season is closed and they know it, so if you have not caught one get ready. If you are going to target them take the barbs off the hooks for a quick release and please do not pull them up on the sand it will wipe off their slime coat. Any time is a good time for the beach.

Yes I know the Snook are every where stacked up under your dock and mine not to mention the bridges but the season is closed. Never caught a fish with a watch on but they know. You can not keep them, sooooooooo, take the barbs off the hooks for a quick easy release.

The wind has taken a break, river has settled down and now you can fish from north to south catching Reds, Trout and plenty of Drum. Boater pay attention to the channel markers, Triple Tail a plenty. We have had reports of Tarpon in the North Fork, Roosevelt bridge, Cross Roads on north to Ft. Pierce, I just have not seen any but it is June and it is their time.

Off shore the bottom fishing continue to hold interest from 60’ out, plenty of Muttons, Lanes, Mangroves and Grouper. Favored bait has been big live Pin fish but sardines have been putting them the box. So where are all the big Black Sea Bass that have taking all anglers bait, season is now open. Kings are still north on the numbers but it is the Dolphin I want to hear about. Straight out in 90/125’ on trolled ballyhoo, early has been the bite time, sure wish we had some fish that like to sleep late.

One day out of seven we have had some nice weather, it is time for the rest of summer......................... .HENRY

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