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November 2010

FISHING 11/27/10


        Want to bend a rod; the surf has been the spot.  For that early angler casting cut baits or lures it has been Blue Fish and more Blue Fish. Want to have breakfast first, mid morning, how about Whiting, Croaker, Mac’s and Blue fish with a mix of Pompano.  After lunch it is all about Pompano, Whiting, Croaker and Blue Fish.  After dinner it is Pompano, Blue Fish and you get the idea the fish are there all day depending on the time and location. If they are not there wait twenty minutes or so and some one will show, if you are fishing up close it could be any one of the above but the Pompano try a long cast and it is shrimp that is getting their attention.  Surf anglers have had a busy week, but the great thing about the week is pick a time and come on down and see who bends the rod, surf has been busy fishing.  Almost forgot to mention big Jacks, twenty pound class, serious Jack’s.

          Pompano has been the river target, weather you are fishing in the North Fork, Hells Gate, across the Sail Fish Flats or from the bridges they have been there a few times through out the day, enough for the lucky anglers to catch their limit.  Depending on who you talk to as to weather they bite on the incoming or out going but the bite is on morning, noon and evening, three pound fish.  That little jigging spoon is the bait, some tip it, some don’t, and some say it is the one with the fly on it but what ever that jigging spoon works.  Twenty pound leader is all you need, heavier and it effects the action or the fish see it so go lighter not heavier.  Good Red Fish bite north to the Power Plant if you can keep the “pesky” Trout off your bait and the Flounder keep coming, not a lot but every angler reports one or two, early seems best and then you can go chase the Pomp’s.  Plenty of Lady Fish, Jacks and Sheephead to keep busy while, waiting for the Pompano and the tide to turn.

             Off shore with the wind changing directions the fish moved north and south but stayed in close, seventy five to one hundred feet of water. Sail

Fish has been the target it is December and that is when the tournaments start.  A few Kings not big but nice, Bonita are there to take your bait so bring extra and the Dolphin not many but every one caught a few up to twenty pounds.  Live bait depended on the day and which way the wind was blowing, bring some you may need it and so maybe not red hot but still more than one rod was bent.  Spanish Mac’s, in and out with the weather but there, just not at all hours, visit on your way out and then on the way back you will find them.

             Bring your camera, “pesky Trout” just keep getting bigger…………………………………………………….Henry



FISHING 11/14/10


                   Well what can I say about the weather other than unpredictable, wind and waves do make a difference?  Our week started with a predication of eight foot seas and it did not happen, fishing was great all week until the end of the week then we felt the wrath of Mother Nature. We started the week surf fishing  and it was plenty of Blues on  cut bait and spoons, Mac’s, Jacks, and Snook kept most anglers busy taking the same. Whiting and Pompano were there also eating shrimp and clams and the bite was on, no mater the time there were fish and if you waited half an hour the what ever species was not there was back and a plenty.  Now the seas were forecast to be in the six foot area as they were for the whole week, but not until the week end did it blow and build, the week end.  I am not sure if you could get to blue water with a fourteen foot pole it was that big, sun was shining but the sea conditions were impossible. Monday, three to four foot waves and shrinking.

                 Anglers that went to the inlet were pleasantly surprised, a little choppy but when past the inlet it was little more than swells. Pulling ballyhoo put a lot of fifteen to twenty pound dolphin in the boat, lots of Dolphin, action zone 100’ to 150’ and mixed in were the Sails, Black Fins, Bonita and more Dolphin.  It has been a long time coming, gaffer Dolphin and plenty of them to the point that anglers pulled away from them only to find more Dolphin.  Busy with the Sails 8 for ten, 6 for 12, the list was long  and it made no difference weather you were north or south of the inlet the important thing was the depth, 100’.  It was a little chunky for bottom fish but those that had the courage found plenty of Mutton and Mangroves to eat all the sardines they had brought with them.  Now it is the week end and the seas are impossible, why always on the week end?

                River anglers found plenty of fish, pesky Trout (season is closed), excellent Reds, plenty of Blues and the Pompano bite is on. Jigging Pompano from the bridges at the east end of the causeways, high out going seems to be the tide, these are fish are silver and the six is the bag.  Reds love the cooler weather, east or west side of the river and just about any thing you put in the water they would chew on.  From live baits to pieces of crab or mullet got their attention and those pesky Trout.  Flounder from many locations, don’t know if they were the target but quite a few went home with the anglers. Snook, the worst the weather the better the Snook fishing, pick a bridge, sun down, cast a Bomber plug or a Flair Hawk on the shadow lines and set the hook. So many Snook that anglers got to take one home, please do not bring a knife to the gun fight……………………HENRY




FISHING 11/06/10


           Bah, humbug, I want to be warm not cold.  Yes, I know it is good for the Sail fish, Pompano, Blues and Mac’s but I live in south Florida.

This week it was weather, north wind bringing in fifty degrees and six foot seas, great for surfing but I want to fish. All this cooler weather had effects on the anglers but not the fish, the bite was on.  In shore and off if you could get bait in the water you had a fish.  These cooler temps tell the fish it is time to put on some weight for winter now you just have to be there to feed them.

          Off shore the bite was close but as the week move on so did the wave heights of course it will lay down and you need to be there.  King in 20’, lots of nice fish, plenty in the 20lb class eating any thing that comes their way.  Sail fish were at the 100’ mark and there was plenty, boats were going four for ten or six for eight, trolling ballyhoo a really good push following these cooler days.  Dolphin were in between, fish in the fifteen to twenty pound class and you guessed it, Ballyhoo was the bait of choice.  Then as quickly as it turned on the weather man turn on that wind weapon, now the fish are still there just that we have to wait till we can get there.  Mutton snapper bit was outstanding from forty feet to sixty, now if we can just figure out how to anchor in six foot seas, and yes the Spanish Mac’s are back.

           >From the surf it was Blues and Mac’s, Pompano, Whiting and Snook, that was early in the week, those cooler temps move a lot of fish in.

Wind did slow some anglers but most found it work able till the week end then the waves were just too much. Kast Master makes a spoon that is designed to cast into the wind, two shapes and plenty of differing weights for wind and equipment sizes and they work, that is the cool thing. Blues, Mac’s and Snook top catch list biting all day, Pompano and whiting moved in when the above moved out the cycle worked all day.  Now I am more than sure they are still there when the seas settle.  Spoons or cut bait for the fish with teeth, shrimp, clams and sand fleas for every body else and I will sit here and wait for the weather man to turn off the wind weapon.

          The worst the weather the better the Snook fishing leave the boat home and come on down to the bridge, any bridge.  Anglers found to many fish, how about multiple hooks up and many were in the slot Red Tails Hawks top the list and if you are going take several because you are going to loose a few.  This bite out lasted the anglers but it will change as the weather gets back to normal.  Pompano are arriving, the area just north of Sail Fish and the bridges have had some excellent runs, and pesky Trout are every where. Good Red Fish bite and then the wind came and no anglers to take advantage of these poor fish. More and more Flounder on the catch list, oh no winter must be here, change of seasons. Plenty of Blues, Jacks and Mac’s to make you crazy, just that north wind keeps on blowing, look to the flat water.  So I guess we will just have to Snook Fish under a bridge, don’t you just hate when this happens, see you there………………………………………………………..HENRY



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