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October 2010



                  Starting at the beach, it has been a great week with a long catch list and the best part is any time you showed up there was fish. Plenty of Blues, Whiting, Croaker, Pompano, Mac’s and a few more were there and this was all day.  Blues were there through out the day, spoons and cut bait top the bait list and the Mac’s and Jacks were there if the Blues missed the bait.  Anglers that preferred the Whiting and Croaker found plenty at their toes, the Blues kept them on the edge most of the day.  With all the sand fleas on the beach you know the Pompano would be there. We reported lots of small Pompano over the past few weeks and now here come the keepers, do not forget the ice. Most interesting was the time, any time, depending on your location at some point they would be there, lots of fish all week and a seven foot rod kept you in the game.

                  Off shore it was 85’ of water not 185’ or 285’ it was 85’ of water the “action zone”.  All the east wind we have had all week will only blow every thing to us not away.  We had good catches of nice size Dolphin, twenty pound class fish, not sure what happened to the Sails, a few not to many but the Kings did not disappoint me fifteen pound fish and a good bite of them.  Anglers trolling ballyhoo found plenty of fish to keep busy as long as they stayed inside 100 feet of water.  Rips and flotsam and weed lines, there was no reason to go deeper, strong east wind early in the week trailing off but always east.  Muttons continue to keep the bottom anglers busy from 40’ but the AJ’s were thick, good size fish pulling real hard, sardines were favored.

                  In shore the Trout season is closed, so they will be hitting any thing thrown.  November and all of December the Trout will get a break, one can still catch but you can not keep, time to take the barbs off the hooks because you and I both know it will be all big Trout, have your camera ready.  Red fish, slot Snook and Flounder will be the target if you can keep the pesky Trout away.  Red Fish just seem to like the west side of the Indian River, yes you catch them on the east side but the west, around the docks is their favored location, along with some slot size Snook, early is the prime time into mid morning, top water, gold spoons, live shrimp and soft rubber will find them if you can keep those pesky Trout away.  Flounder anywhere you find a hole in the grass or the drop of a channel edge, fish the drop, almost to the rise.  Shrimp on a jig head, just slide your bait across the bottom, they hit hard so do not loose you grip.

                This week end in Ft Pierce is the SKA nationals, lots of boats, lots going on, stop up………………………..Henry           



FISHING 10/24/10


              Started the week with one to two feet seas, no wind then the week end it was wind and four foot seas, just in time for the week end.  River anglers were limited to the east bank, surf anglers were cast big spoons and if you were going off shore you needed a top on your cup.  In spite of Mother Nature we all found fish.

               Off shore we had quite a catch list starting in 60’ to 90’, pulling ballyhoo, nice Dolphin fish up to twenty five pounds, Wahoo to thirty five pounds with a mix of Sails, Cobia, Kings and Black Fins.  Then the wind, well the fish were still there just could not get there, lots of bait schools on the top and four foot seas kept most off the water.  The Black Fins have thinned but still plenty, north east wind will move in more Dolphin, cooler temp make the Sail fish happy and that full moon made finding dinner a lot easier for the Wahoo and Kings.  Fishing off shore has been very good and it is up close, witch is even better, but about this wind?

                 North east wind, south east wind all hard on the surf anglers, not on the fish.  Plenty of Blues, Mac’s, small Pompano, Whiting and a few slot size Snook made the list.  Lots of weeds in differing area, strong surf every where and fish, go figure.  Anglers were long casting spoons, cast masters, wind cheaters and cut baits.  One had to get beyond the weeds and then get your fish through the weeds, which can test your equipment and your nerves.

Lots of small Pompano and lots of sand fleas on the beach now would be a good time to get some fleas for those months when they are hard to come by.  Lots of Whiting so do not forget the ice, any time you can would be a good time to visit the surf, lots of fish.

                 The excellent catch list is from the early part of the week, Trout, Reds, Snook, Flounder and then the wind,  lots of fish on the east side of the Indian River, who cares  about the wind. Look for the flat water, that is where the bait is and so are the fish.  Trout was limited to the early anglers but if you were looking to bend a rod there were plenty of takers.  Blue Fish, Jack’s and Lady Fish kept most busy, the Black Drum at the bridges has thinned but the Snook love these conditions. The more blustery the wind, couple that with our full moon and you have perfect weather for big Snook, most over the slot so please do not bring a knife to the gun fight, heavy equipment.  When the conditions are like this we have the North Fork of the St. Lucie, an area that is protected from the wind.  Plenty of fish that way, you just need to scout that area on the nice days, oxbows, structure, deep, shallow and it is all out of the wind.

                    If you are and anglers or just some one that loves the water we have it all, how lucky we are…………………………..Henry



FISHING 10/10/10


                            Finally a perfect week end, light breeze, cooler temps and fish biting from all location, perfect.  Cooler temps have made the fish hungry both inside and out, brought some winter species and I guess fall here. Oh well, I’ll deal with these changes. Let’s go catch a fish or maybe it is better said what would you like to catch.  Fishing out side has been Sails and Dolphin mix in a King or Black Fin and it all starts up close.  Sixty feet is where the first action zone started, plenty of Dolphin in the fifteen pound class eating trolled ballyhoo with a pesky Sail coming up on a bait as that big Dolphin was about to move on it. There were plenty of snake Kings (perfect for the grill) and a few Bonita’s to keep anglers on the move. Next zone was out to one hundred and fifty feet and that is where all of above were feeding but here you put Black Fins in the mix.  Put the Tuna feathers to work, small baits were the choice but there was plenty of bait both up close and deep, all species of baits but the Black Fins love those feathers. Plenty of Muttons and Mangroves for the bottom fans mix in a King and Cobia and don’t forget the small Dolphin all made for a great week end.

             Surf anglers had a great week with the Blue fish; one might think it is December the way they turned on. But there was plenty of Tarpon, Snook, small Pompano and the biggest Croakers I have seen.  All day long it was action and depending on your location it could be any of the above.  Still hearing about the mullet schools and Spoons top the bait list, that black back Wind Cheater a close second, if it looks like a mullet cast it. Shrimp for the Croakers, just a pitch, they are at your toes, hiding from the Blues and when using shrimp keep in mind and elephant will pick up a peanut so do not move away from your equipment.

              Trout were biting early, before sun up, good numbers, and good size eating about any thing we presented, after sun up had to work for them. Sliding soft rubber bait across the bottom found them but who was looking, Blues, Jacks, Tarpon, Drum and Pompano kept most busy. Lots of Black Drum, really big Drum at the bridges but it seems they were every where; shrimp, clams and crabs were their favored.  Problem with using clams was the Pompano were there first, what a problem.  Snook haven’t changed, low light, pick a bridge cast a Bomber lure or a Flair Hawk when it stops set the hook.  If you are a big Tarpon fan your days are numbered, it seems our cooler water species are showing in good numbers and usually means the big Tarpon will be on the move. Surf, Cross Roads, Bridges, entrance to the Pocket are just a few locations to check out.

              Lots of fish this week, looking forward to next week, do not forget the camera…………………………………….Henry     




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