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October 2013

FISHING 10/27/13


           Brrrrrrrr............cold mornings, this seventy degree mornings makes me want to wear long pants. Not sure about the weather man and his revenge, I thought we had been pretty nice toward him these last few weeks.  But it is time for a change of season, cooler water and this will bring our winter species to the table, I mean our area. Red fish are the first to come to mind, we have resident but the cooler water will bring many, we should start to see many over the slot.  Blues and Spanish Macís will also pick up in numbers along with the sought after Pompano, winter, I love this place.

To the surf and the ever changing conditions, wind and then no wind, white water then calm all in the same day. Mullet have moved on and with them went the Tarpon, well most of the Tarpon we still have a few resident. So in their place we have Blue Fish, Macís, Jackís, big Croaker, Whiting and yes small Pompano.

As this month closes it will be time for the bigger Pompano, I promise.  Cooler temps seem to have awakened plenty of Whiting and Croaker and the best part is they are there all day so no hurry when ever you are ready. Blues and Macs for the early anglers but a high tide will put them at your feet.  Pompano you have to sort through them but there are a few keepers.  Best time for the Pompís is early for the long caster but then we are talking Pompano and they set the rules.  Yes to a few Snook from the trough, they were up close having Whiting for breakfast, DOA bait  buster is the lure getting the most attention.  So if you are just looking to bend a rod come on down the surf is place.

So many little Red Fish and that is a good thing, they like the cooler water and if there are small that means the slot and bigger Reds are not that far off.  Small Reds through out the area hear about some bigger fish in the Walton road south to County Line at low light.  Trout has been steady with top of the slot fish from Bear Point south the Power Plant again early is best but they are here all day.  Suspending lures this week have gotten most attention.   Lots of fish at the bridges, Blues, Macs, Jacks, Mangroves, Drum and list goes on, depending on your time as to whom is home but the bits has been most of the day.  After sun down it is Snook feeding on most anything, mullet have moved on so they are not picky eaters. Small swimming baits and live shrimp are preferred, sorry not enough wind for a Flair Hawk.  Always keep watch for activity in the river, what looks like a school of mullet could be Reds, Blues or Jacks a plenty from all locations.

Talked with Capt. Pat from the Day Maker then Capt. VJ Bell from the Sea Check, both said it is OK and that was about it.  When pressed a few Dolphin, some Kings and a Wahoo or two, Sails in the mix, oh well not much info there.  But not far behind was my friend Phil and he does not care, nice size Dolphin form sixty feet on a weed line of which he said there were many.  Took two 15/ 20lb  fish then released the rest, lots of small fish. Then off to Push Button Hill for two many Black Fins, said they were on any thing he put in the water.  Spanish Macs both north and south of the inlet about twenty feet of water, Phil said they were jumping out of the water, sure makes them easy to locate, thank you Phil for the info.  Bottom fishing has been excellent with some big Yellow Tails south of the inlet, amazing what happens when they stop the brown water. Maybe next week Pat and VJ will give us a little more info.

Till next week, release one for me..........................HENRY


FISHING 10/20/13

Well anglers the mullet have slowed, not that there still not plenty but the runs have not been as long. Surf anglers fish early for the best selection Blues, Macís, Jacks and yes there is still Snook. Anglers are casting spoons, cut bait and plenty of DOA bait busters to find their fish. Blues and Macís are taking cut bait and spoons, if it flashes or dash's they are on it, cut bait use along shank hook to keep them from biting the rig off. But that is not the only rod bender in the surf, Jacks are my favorite they will eat any thing and then the Snook, a little more work but still there in good numbers again fish early. Today I heard the word Whiting used several times buy mid afternoon anglers, excellent table fare and there all day so do not forget the ice. Now about the Tarpon, getting late in their season still a few but not as many. These fish have been in and out throughout the day, live baits when in and plenty of big fish so pack a lunch.

Indian river from county line road north it has been Red fish and more Reds, from low light through the day. Mid day catch that high tide using a smaller bait, small spoon, small paddle tail or a live shrimp all have had good results. Trout at the top of the slot from Herman's Bay north with a mix of Reds. Mullet have thin out, so that school of fish you see coming is either Blues or Jacks and you make the call do I or donít I cast in their direction. Still plenty of Snook in the area, big fish well over the slot at the bridges, small and slot in the flats, live baits preferred. Tarpon early before sun up, pick a bridge.

Bridges have been hot with fish, fish feeding all day from Blues to Snook including Snapper and Drum, busy fishing at the bridges. Off shore again this week not many anglers and not sure why, weather has been perfect. Deep offers the variety in good size, dolphin to Wahoo with plenty of small Black Fins. Trolled or live Push Button Hill is the location. Up close we have an early run of Spanish Macís, north of the Inlet toward the House of Refuge, from twenty feet of depth using that Flash Minnow jig, plenty of fish. Today they have stopped draining the lake so we will be soon done with the fresh water and we can get back to all most normal, King Fish Hole and Spanish Macís, strong high tides should clean it up quick. From sixty feet small Dolphin, please let them grow up but the Kings and bottom fish will keep you busy.

Have a great week................HENRY

FISHING 10/13/13

Cool mornings, warm days, polite water what else can I say, I love this place. Still plenty of bait both inshore and off, lots of fish, so lets go get one or two. The mornings have been the time at the surfs edge, plenty of bait and plenty of fish. this weeks catch list was long with Blues, Macís, Jacks, Snook, Tarpon, Whiting and Spinners, a lot of fish form most locations only difference has been time but fish all day. Early for most but it is the surf and tide can make a difference, only constant has been the Spinner Sharks with late afternoon through the evening being their time. Beat part is they are all in casting range, if it looks like a mullet has flash about it cast it and hang on. Whiting have been up close but be careful the Jacks will come just as close difference being the Jacks will take your equipment home. Did not hear a lot about Tarpon this week and I am not sure if the anglers are tiered or the bulk of the fish have moved, how many days can you get beat buy a fish before you say this is a young mans sport. Eight foot rod combo with a 3/4oz spoon and you are ready, come on down.

River anglers are just buying bait not asking where to go and that tells me there is plenty of fish. Lots of big Jacks and Blues are cruising the river and neither are picky eaters so Kayak anglers beware. Still plenty of top of the slot Reds and Trout from County line road north east or west side,early is best but we have had reports all day, live bait or artificial fish are hungry. Still Tarpon rolling just no young anglers to play with but the Snook have been big just pick a bridge after sun down and please do not bring a knife to the gun fight. Bridges have all of the above plus Black Drum and Snapper, even a few Pompano made the list, makes it hard to pick our spot.

Off shore still about the same as last week with small Dolphin on the top of the list. Anglers report plenty in seventy feet just north of the inlet pitching live baits, now why no one has put a bigger bait down too see why these fish are staying up, I am just not sure. Big Dolphin eat little Dolphin so if they are on top, why would be a good question. Some bigger fish at the 150í mark and that is where the Black Fins start so if you put a bait in chances are the Fins will be first. Troll a bigger bait and see if that doesn't work. Been a few Sails in the mix but the unusual has been the Spanish Macís just north of the inlet, enough that a few commercial anglers are taking an early advantage and bottom fish continues, lots of fish come on down.

Nice weather, no rain and an evening breeze, I love this place........................HENRY

FISHING 10/6/13

Mullet and more Mullet, lots of bait and so why wouldnít the fish be here. The Indian river from north to south is Mullet. Driving on the island or the drive pay attention to on coming traffic because that car is watching the river.

One could see Tarpon jumping, Jacks in a rampage, Snook feeding, bands of Bluefish and then the Dolphin would show, better than National Graphic. Now you know why you have to watch on coming traffic. River anglers it makes no difference where you fish plenty of Trout, Reds and all the rest, Mullet. At the bridge it has been the dawn hour, lots of fish, if it looks like a Mullet cast it. Put a small weight on your bait, anglers want their bait below the school a ready breakfast. Shrimp will find plenty of Drum, Snapper and a list of others throughout the day but any time you get there you will bend a rod. Plenty of Snook, slot well that is a another story but plenty of hook ups and one might be the score, lots of Mullet. This east wind has clouded the west shore but the fish are there, plenty of Reds and all the rest, pick your location and start casting. Plenty of Blues and Macs in the river even had a Pompano or two make the catch list, does this mean winter is near?

Surf more Mullet, more Tarpon, Snook and all of the above, problem weeds. Lots of weed lines have kept anglers on the move. Get to the top of the dune cross over and look and if needed move north or south, not all access points have had the weed problem but again if it looks like a mullet cast it. Had some Reds and Trout this week, the beach has been hot and then there is the Sharks. With all this dinner in the area it is a guarantee they will be there to share your catch.

Off shore why go out to catch bait when you can cast your net in the river and get all you could need. Trolling for Dolphin in 330í or live baiting Sails from 90í out mullet will get attention. On the reefs a live mullet will find all the Snapper and Grouper there, excellent bait. Lots of weed lines from shallow with all the peanut Dolphin to deep where the bigger Dolphin are gathered, weed lines a gift to the off shore angler, dreaded but the surf caster. Heard about the Black Fins at the hill hitting small squid chains and small Wahoo in the same area. KIngs have been in 70í north of the inlet on the King Fish Numbers, who would have guessed. Bottom fish from 40í on any one of many of our reefs, go north of the inlet. Not many anglers out this week, I do believe it because lots of anglers fishing inside, the river is hot.

Come on down and see this Mullet festival, better than National Graphic.....................Henry

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