The Snook Nook FISHING REPORT Always Bring Your Camera!

September 2013

FISHING 9/29/13

Gee the week end and no rain, two day in a row, wow. Here I sit looking out the window of the Snook Nook and the sun is shining, four Pelicans and a bunch of Sea Gulls are sitting on the water and the bait is every where. Mullet top the list yet it is not a Mullet run, close but not quite. Then the Glass Minnows are in waves keeping the Gulls happy and the fish fat and sassy, lets fish the river. Low light is the key, the Indian River is shallow and that makes for easy feeding but when the sun is high it is hard to hide and if you can see the fish chances are they have already seen you. Beautiful Reds all week north of the Power Plant, east or west side we saw all top of the slot fish taken on live and artificial baits but the dark hour was their time. After sun up these fish move to the Mangroves and it will take some time to get them out. On the west side at low light they are following the bait,as the sun rises they go for the deeper shaded areas around the docks and stay on the bottom, a slow moving small spoon will get their attention.

Trout are all at the top of slot, and it seems they are every where, from the flats to the bridges following the Mullet. Hector has been catching from the bridge using live shrimp, putting a slit shot on the the leader and casting his shrimp up into the current and letting the current present his bait, low light is the key. Do not recall when so many Trout have been taken from the bridge. North to south find a grass edge and chances are you have found Trout, of course all this bait helps.

Lots of Lady Fish, Jacks, Tarpon, Snook, Drum, Blues and Macs to name few have made for a good week in the river, and did I mention all the bait? Yes the Tarpon and Snook are having a picnic at the bridges, wait for dark and come on down.

Surf anglers have had a good week, some days the surf was up but not as it has been. Some weeds but not all areas and the bait is every where they do not mind the weeds. Early morning or that high in coming is prime time, if is chrome throw it. Baits have been in close or out of casting range but there, mullet of all sizes. This week the favored has been the Wind Cheater, last week it was 3/4oz spoon but both have a lot of flash, both have some weight to cast.

Tarpon, real big Tarpon and Snook well over the slot, mix in Blues, Jacks, Spinners, Black Tips and few more make for a lot of big action at the beach.

Now if you want to take home dinner, big Whiting and Croakers are there in good numbers through out the day, Tarpon or Whiting?????

Off shore it has been the Halsey, 6 mile and Donaldson reefs for plenty of big Snappers and a Cobia or two all north of our inlet away from the brown water, sardines have been the favored bait. Have not heard a word on the radio about bait so there must be plenty, take some mullet with you they make great bait all the fish in the river canít be wrong. Not to many anglers out this week but those that did had good report were deep, 300í plus trolling ballyhoo. Pretty much the same as last week with a few more Sails in the mix, fish early if it is going to rain it will be later in the day.............

Tell the big Tarpon I said "hi"..............Henry

FISHING 9/22/13

Surf anglers had a testing week with conditions, weeds, rain, surf kind of a ruff week. But in the midst of it all lots bait, mullet, silver sides, glass minnows to name a few and with them came the fish. Easy way to locate the bait is look for the birds, then keep in mind the fish will ball the bait swimming around the school.

Now we know where the bait is and the location of the predators make that cast, fishing the edge of the school will find the Tarpon, Snook, Jacks and a bunch more. Some times are better than others but the surf any time is a good time. Now back to the conditions, weeds you could go a few access north or south, rain well that you could wait out and the surf, well how about your board so all in all not a bad week on the beach. Plenty of Whiting and Croaker to take home but to watch that Tarpon jump will make your day. Lots of access points and a moderate sea, come on down just do not bring a knife to the gun fight. The 3/4 once spoon is the secret, every body seem to favor.

So lets go deep, 300ft. plus, that is where the the fish are. Dolphin of size, Wahoo to test your equipment and a Marlin just to see how much line you have on that reel. Yes there have been "Peanut Dolphin", smaller King Fish and a few "Wahoos" up closer but deep is where it is at. Same weed lines to Troll around, rips to hold baits in line and enough bait to bring up a Marlin. Three hundred feet north of the St Lucie Inlet, east of Push Button in that mix is some nice Black Fins and all of the above on trolled Ballyhoo, run one deep and slow down give the fish a chance to find you.

You have to love the bridges over the Indian River, at low light it is an action zone. Tarpon, Snook, Jacks, Lady Fish to pull real hard and the Mangroves, Trout, Drum to take home, could it get any better. Catch a moving tide around the walls, pier or cat walks and you will be in the fish. Cast up into the current and let the tide move your bait but please do not put your rod down, one does have to set the hook. Lots of bait, mullet, pins, silver sides to name a few and all very accessible, so why would the fish not be there. The same is true form Stuart bridge north to JC Park east side or west low light is best, now if it will ever stop raining.

Till next week if you want a photo just hold your breath and when you need to breath so does the fish,

be QUICK..................................Henry

FISHING 9/15/13

Off shore anglers have had to go deep to find the Dolphin of size. Lots of "peanuts" up close in the many weed lines and rips but small, twenty inches is the minimum not enough to make a sandwich. Dinner size were in the 300í and deeper on the weed lines and in the rips, trolling around the patches was the method used to bring them to boat.

Most were fifteen to twenty pound class and in the mix were some real nice Black Fins, trolled feathers took a toll.

How about a limit of Muttons, Mangroves and Lanes with Grouper to test your equipment, from forty feet out using live baits or sardines. Plenty of reports from our local reefs both north and south of the St. Lucie inlet and yes the "Peanut Dolphin" it seemed were everywhere. King Fish on the numbers and with this moon coming up the Wahoo fishing will be busy, busy. Deep running baits will find them both, you have to get a bait to their zone and please no knife to the gun fight.

Surf is still busy with bait and Tarpon, Snook and Jacks taking all that is offered. Not many anglers this week not sure if interest is slowing or the weeds made conditions to difficult to fish. If your favored beach is covered go north or south and I am more that sure you will find the bait, the fish and no weeds, that 3/4 oz spoon is the profile these fish are looking at. More Croaker than Whiting, right in the trough so do not forget the ice.

The Indian River is the home of lost equipment, Tarpon, Snook, Jacks and some of the biggest Lady Fish are taking all the rods and reels they can. At least when a Tarpon takes one you see a jump or two, but the Jacks and Snook put their head down and it is gone, I wonder what they do with them. Low light is the prime time and smaller baits are preferred, from the bridge or in the flats it seems they are every where. Top the slot Trout form Nettles Island north on the east side, County Line road north on the west, live shrimp and suspending lures are their Choice. Few Reds but not enough to target, incidental catch. Bridges it is all of the above plus Drum and good size Snapper and surely I have no idea what those Pompano were doing at the relief bridge.

It has been a good week in spite of the weather man, is going to rain, thunder out west, will it be a shower or serious rain, the only good thing has been the overcast morning giving anglers more time in the water. Revenge of the weather man.............ugh.......................HENRY

FISHING 9/8/13

Lets start in the river, you have to fish early, big bright sun, high temps mean warm water. Fish are smarter than I they know to get out of the sun and I look to get to the sun. They will be in the skinny water looking for breakfast and you need to be there to serve, start with top water then to a sub surface as the sun rises. From the Nettles Island north, pay attention to the treed shore line and the bait they will tell you where the fish are moving. Lots of Trout, Lady fish and Snook and yes you could go south to the Stuart causeway. Lots of Snook and just maybe one will be in the slot.

Tarpon are hanging around the deeper water, Bridges and intersecting channels, yes you need to see what has their eye and match the profile. The prime hour is early but it depends on the bait we have had then feeding at the change of the tide all week, forty pound class fish. Jacks, big Jacks are taking up any slack, feeding on any thing that moves from small to big so hang on.

Few Reds reported this week, top of the slot fish on live shrimp from County LIne north, lots of trees and long docks provide the shade for their comfort zone on the west side. Lots of big Lady Fish to keep busy with on both sides.

Lots of fish at the bridges, Snook, Tarpon, Jacks, Mangroves, Blues and Macís to name a few feeding on Mullet of all sizes.

Glass MInnows you will see the cloud coming and plenty of small Pins are keeping all fat and happy. Yes shrimp will catch them.

Surf is the same as last week with Tarpon (80lbs plus). Snook (way over slot), and Jackís that will pull a boat all folowing the bait schools. As always match the hatch and that could be tough with big Mullet, small Mullet and plenty of Croakers not to mention the Glass Minnows. Time is a hard call because the bait is in and out all day, best bet watch for a high tide, two hour before should find plenty of fish, do not forget the hat, glassís ,long sleeves and water. Now to take dinner home lots of big Croaker and plenty of Whiting, bring ice.

Off shore plenty of small Dolphin from forty feet out on the weed lines, please let them grow. Go catch a Dolphin that you need a gaff to put in the boat, three hundred feet and deeper, yes on the weed lines and they are hungry. Few Black Fins and plenty of Bonita at the Hill but hard to go past fish to catch fish. Mangroves, Muttons and Grouper on the bottom. We have plenty of local reefs that get no attention, look at your charts. >From forty feet you could have the numbers and be the only one there. Reds have to go back but there are so many you will not be disappointed. You could drift over or anchor, put a sardine down when it hits bottom give the reel two cranks and you are ready, bring lots of ice because you are going to need it. live baits not an issue, lots of sardines, thread Fins and you know how I feel about Mullet, no excuse go catch a fish.....................................HENRY

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